Kanye West Workout Plan Lyrics

Workout Plan Lyrics

Kanye West

  • Ay wussup gurl?
  • Heyy gurl
  • Hey how u doin'?
  • Hey you know I finally got my shit together
  • Been watchin' that workout plan gurl!
  • Well you lookin' all good and stuff and you got you a
  • I know it's that workout
  • Got you a six pack, Shakur and stuff!
  • You now what I'm sayin'?
  • Yo nigga, my nigga I'm tired of puttin 1-8-7
  • In my niggas' pager, that shit ain't workin' no more
  • Gurl you know I'ma video hofesional now, gurl
  • Since I copped this new workout plan my shit is right
  • Rollin' in Lexus, Acurass, everything gurl
  • Gurl u need to let me know how I can cop that
  • how much is it?
  • Gurl you know you ain't gotta pay nuttin' around me
  • I'm tha bootleg queen, I'll give it to you for free .99
  • Free .99!
  • That's my dawg, you always lookin' out for us
  • My nigga now I can throw away my bus pass and shit oh my God
  • Oh shit

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