Meri Sasu Maa Serial on Zee TV Star cast promo

A brand new show 'Meri Sasu Maa' is coming soon to touch your hearts only on Zee TV.The show has popular actors Pearl V Puri and Hiba Nawab as lead role. Kushabh has been roped in for essaying the role of a casanova, Akhilesh on the show. Akhilesh is going to be the younger brother to Pearl V Puri's character. He is self obsessed and is least bothered about what is happening around him. Producer Saba Mumtaz added, “I grew up with cousins and sisters around me who kept complaining about their mothers-in-law. However, when I got married I was blessed with another mother. This show has glimpses from my personal life! Our protagonist is this young 22-year-old girl, whose biggest aspiration in life is to find a mother in her mother-in-law. When girls get married, they leave their house with pangs in their heart and want to be welcomed into a house and family that is exactly like the one they have left.

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